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Commercial Printing Binding

Sheet-Fed offset Printing :

High quality results on various type of media like coated/uncoated paper/cards, duplex boards, LD foam are attained on our 6 colours fully automatic KBA Rapida press from Germany. Machine is equipped with coater and inter-deck UV lamps for met-pet printing.

Print-on-Demand :

We have a 12” x 18” size, mono-colour Konica digital printing machine. This machine is a very good solution for educational stationery and books publishers who opt for low quantity runs.

PUR Perfect Binding :

We have a automative PUR perfect binder from euro technika italy. PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) is the most durable binding Glue available and in demand for export jobs to western countries. It can be used only on special machines that have the PUR system. For a book with big spine thickness or high page numbers, if PUR binding is done, there is no need for section sewing. Also, PUR bound books of soft cover are of Lay-Flat nature hence very friendly to the reader.

Aster Automatic Book Sewing :

We have a automatic book sewing machine from Aster, Sweden, hence the thread sewing is tight and accurate. Binding of thick spined or high page numbered and hard cover books is much sturdier and reader friendly with aster.

Automatic Hard Case Binding :

We have an entire set-up of for case making that includes hard case maker, joint forming, case-in. Our case-making does hard cover books, dictionaries, religious books, photo albums, coffee table books etc.

Multi-clamp perfect binding :

For books that are high in volume and demand economical solution, we have a multi-clamp perfect binder.

Automatic Gathering :

We have a 6 station deep pile A 3 size collator from Col-Tec UK and an A3 size, 9 stations, deep pile collator from Theisen & Bonitz Netherland. This enables the accuracy in gathering.

Calendars Tin Patti Mounting :

We have option of both automatic and manual tin-patti fitting for calendars. Also the tin-patti of custom size is manufactured in-house. Thread fitting is done along with tin-patti mounting.

Wire-O-Bound calendars :

We have machines for wire-o-binding of calendars. Die-punching and hanger fitting etc operations are all done in house.

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Posters :

We print posters of size of 30”x40”. 6 colours printing facilities enhanced results and finishing options like UV/Gloss/Matte/Drip-0ff/Aquaeous/Varnish/Lamination etc coatings are available both online and offline.

Coating/lamination :

We have various machines of reputed companies for all type of lamination and offline coatings.